RADAR Poetry / by Jason Cytacki

For the lover's of poetry out there I want to make a recommendation to check out a new online Poetry Magazine: RADAR Poetry.  The site pairs poetry and the visual arts.  With each issue, a submitted poem is either chosen by an artist and illustrated or a work of art is chosen that creates a conversation with the writing.  It is my pleasure to have one of my paintings, "Faded," 2009, featured in this excellent collection. The poem "What I Say When I Say My Name is Nobody" by Geffrey Davis is a great piece and enjoy the pairing with my image.  Go take a look at their fantastic collection which also includes artwork by my friend Brooke Vertin whose piece "Talk, Friend," graces the cover seen below.

Read below:


What I Say When I Say My Name is Nobody

Brooke Vertin TalkFriend