New landscape piece - Triptych! / by Jason Cytacki

I am happy to finally finish this triptych piece that I have been working on and off again for several months.  In fact, I began this piece back in 2012 for my show at JRB and abandoned it due to a lack of time for some smaller pieces (the painting was 9 feet wide by 4 feet tall). At the time I scrapped the painting and used the setup I created for a small graphite drawing, "Glacier Getway." When the South Bend Museum of Art contacted me about doing a show this fall, primarily focusing on my landscape work, I knew it was time to pull it out and finish it.

I'm glad I did.  Working this large allowed me to approach the constructed landscapes in a different way - more painterly with much more of a direct painting method.

Well, the piece is done and will be shown at my upcoming exhibition, "Small Vistas / Big Myths" opening at the South Bend Museum of Art on September 27th.  See the finished piece below.

Earlybird Earlybird Oil on Panel 48" x 108" 2014