A Sort of Homecoming - Artist Talk at South Bend Museum of Art / by Jason Cytacki

10422952_998863293463459_240608462390747759_n This past weekend I had the opportunity to see my exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art and take part in several activities including an artist talk.  Having the exhibition so close to home ended up being a unique opportunity to see so many familiar faces.  I felt sincerely honored to have so many friends and family in the audience - including a number of my artistic mentors over the years.

Many of the works in the show reflect my conflicting relationship to my childhood heroes - the larger than life cowboys I spent the last couple years working with- trying to strike a balance between emulation, admiration and finding your own voice.  It seemed fitting that another group of mentors were in attendance, ones whom have all had such a positive impact on my development as an artist.  It can be strange to have three generations of those who instructed me in art over the years all together in one room, but even stranger to have them all listening to me discuss my work! That's the unique situation you can find yourself in when you spend 24 years of education in one place.  Too many people to name here, but a special thanks to Ron Monsma and Doug Kinsey for all their wisdom and continued support.

Overall, it seemed like a wonderful homecoming and was glad to share it with those who came by to hear me and catch up.