Western Wonderland Workshop / by Jason Cytacki

10175030_999532616729860_5413595837134876939_n I spent this past Sunday morning working with a group of 50 children aged 4-14 who attended the South Bend Museum of Art's Family Day.  Children who signed up the workshop ahead of time were instructed to bring a toy of their choice.  During our workshop, I encouraged the children to use their imagination and create a setting or a home for their toy.  Using a variety of materials, they constructed dioramas similar to the ones I use for my paintings.

I was blown away by the creativity of these kids - some really awesome projects! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to spend the morning with them and for them to share their imagination with me.

Thanks to Curator of Education Candie Waterloo for all her work organizing this workshop! All photos are thanks to the South Bend Museum of Art!

For those interested, check out their full schedule for future Family Days here

I've posted a few of their projects below.


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