Thesis Paintings Post 1 by Jason Cytacki

"Don't Fence Me In"
Oil on Canvas
62" x 42"

Shoot for the Stars (detail)

First posting of Thesis paintings finished. I will get a full shot of the bottom painting as well as Hi-Res images of all 5 paintings up on my website soon enough. For now, enjoy these!

Figurative works from the summer by Jason Cytacki

I know I've been very behind on uploading new images to the blog, but like I mentioned I have been getting images taken of these paintings recently, so I thought I would share them here. Both are pretty small and were a nice break from the large scale work I have been doing for my upcoming thesis exhibition (I'll post some pics of those pieces soon).

"Self Portrait as Cowboy (Dissolve)"
Oil on Canvas
12" x 14,

Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"

The Glass by Jason Cytacki

These are the two works I had hanging in the second year MFA show at the ISIS gallery on the campus of Notre Dame this February.

Oil on Canvas
42" x 62"

22" x 30"
Graphite on Paper